Teaching experience

Law Seminars for Students at High School for Project on Law Related Education, since 1981

Tutorials and Seminars for the FernUniversität in Civil Law, Company Law, Mercantile Law and Women and Law, ongoing

Videoconference-Seminar on "Equal Opportunities in Comparative Perspective", since 2004/05

Lectures on “Women´s Rights and Law” at the Law Faculty of the Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, 1990-2000

Seminars on “Women and Law” for Women´s Studies at the University of Essen, 1990-1997

Seminars for Female Law Students and Young Lawyers (Referendarinnen) at Various Universities on Questions of Gender and Law, Self Assertion, Communication, Applications Trainings etc., ongoing

Further Training for Judges and Public Prosecutors and Young Lawyers (Referendare) at the National and at the State Academy for the Judiciary in Didactics and Methodology of Teaching Law, Trainings for Examiners in the Qualifying Legal State Examination, in Law and Language, Communication, Negotiation, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Women and Law, Gender Mainstreaming, Work Life Balance etc., ongoing

„Distance Learning: Didactic Aspects,
Master „Management und Beratung für Europäische Bildung“
Centre for European Education, Lecee, Zagreb, ongoing

Lectures on “Gender and Law” in the Master of Business Psychology at BITS, University of Applied Sciences, Iserlohn, ongoing

Self-Presentation, Rhetoric, Communication, Negotiation
Socio-Legal Master. International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Onati

Rich Practice of Single Lectures and Speeches and Online Seminars in the above Mentioned Fields, mainly on questions of Gender and Law


Ample Practice of Single Lectures and Speeches in the above Mentioned Fields and Moderations

TV Discussion with Jutta Limbach, Margot von Renesse and Barbelies Wiegmann on „Ehefrau ungleich Ehemann oder Hört die Gleichberechtigung mit der Ehe auf“, for WDR 3 in 1987

CBT on Teaching and Learning experience, forthcoming 2007